Love Is The Answer

It’s been 7 years since Austin, Texas based conscious Rock band One World (R)evolution has released a full-length album.  And like a fine wine, some things are just worth the wait.  Love Is The Answer is OWR’s sophomore album and it’s packed with a PUNCH!

Their compelling 12 track album promises to inspire, uplift and empower their listeners. Fans will experience deep, emotional aesthetics in this work, because of the growth & transformation of the band over the last few years.  Balancing heartfelt and thought provoking lyrics, combined with edgy guitar driven Pop Rock hooks, One World (R)evolution brings a new kind of rebellion to the genre of rock-n-roll.

The album kicks off with a hard driving Rock tune entitled Again – that’s sure to fire you up and leave you wanting more.  This song is the embodiment of empowerment.  Up next is the album’s title track Love Is The Answer, which takes listeners on a journey to envision a world where no matter what the question is, love is always the answer.  The 1st single, Contender, is poised to become the feel-good hit of the summer.  Inspiring listeners to seize the day and embrace life in all its magnificence and glory.

The next 4 tracks, pick up the pace and take on more of a modern Rock/Alternative vibe, showcasing the heavier side of OWR.  After taking a ride on the wild side, we relax a little and come to enjoy an enlightening ballad titled All Hope Is Not Lost.  The rest of the album continues to showcase the overall Rock theme, hitting home with the band’s theme song (R)evolution.

Pulling from a wide range of influences and musical styles, One World (R)evolution comes together to bring a new brand of Rock to the world.  “Sex, drugs & rock-n-roll” just got a makeover!!  They deliver love, elation & their own blend of conscious Rock.  Stay tuned for more developments!


2017 – One World (R)evolution – “Love Is The Answer” (AstraLux Records)
2015 – One World (R)evolution – “It’s Christmas Time” single (AstraLux Records)
2013 – One World (R)evolution – “I’m Changing” single (Music World Music/INgrooves)
2013 – One World (R)evolution – “SXSW 2013 Demos” (AstraLux Records)
2013 – Aerosmith Tribute Album “Livin’ On The Edge” (Versaille Records) – contributed 1 track
2010 – One World (R)evolution – “Transitions” (Music World Music/INgrooves)