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One World (R)evolution’s new single – I’m Changing – now available!

Single Cover Art by Mark Doroba

Single Cover Art by Mark Doroba

Meet the Band

Astrum Lux Lucis – lead vocals, rhythm guitar

Astrum Lux Lucis

Astrum Lux Lucis

Astrum was born on a hot summer day in July in Somerville, New Jersey.  Born into a musical family, it was only natural her path in life be that of musician.  Her maternal grandmother has been playing music for over 75 years, and her mother, who has perfect pitch, has been playing piano since age 4.

Astrum’s musical life began at around age 4 as well when she’d sing nursery school rhymes on the way home from school and then tinker around on her mother’s piano.  Astrum has relative pitch, so she’d hear songs and then go play them on the piano, mind you it was with one or two fingers, but she had the basic melody down.

In elementary school, Astrum began playing trumpet in the 4th grade.  She later switched to snare drum, and in 6th grade, she picked up the alto saxophone.

  In 1981, while living in the San Francisco Bay Area, she began taking sax lessons from Neal Schon‘s (Journey) father.

Soon after the launch of MTV, she saw The Go-Go’s and that was it, her “professional” career in music began.  She put down the sax and picked up the sticks, the drum sticks that is.  A year later she was playing drums for punk band Private Outrage.  On their first show they opened for The Circle Jerks!

A few years later, we find Astrum in Kissimmee, Florida jamming in the garage with her best friend to bands like Metallica, Iron Maiden, and Dio.  This is where Astrum made the switch from drums to guitar.  Inspired by her heroes Randy Rhoads, Kirk Hammet, Vivian Campbell, Chris DeGarmo and Michael Wilton, Astrum formed her first band, Knightmare.

Knightmare had a nice run in their home base of Houston, Texas in the late 80’s and early 90’s.  They released 3 EPs, opened for such bands as King Diamond and Crimson Glory, and were even shown interest from Metal Blade Records and Q Prime Management just before they broke up.

After the break-up of Knightmare, Astrum took a very brief hiatus from music to earn her Bachelors Degree in Business from the University of Miami.  While there, she also earned a double minor in Music and Music & Entertainment Industries.  She also studied classical voice for 2 years and released 2 songs on the student run record label ‘Cane Records Miami Hybridized compilation album as solo artist Cheryl Hill (Astrum’s birth name).

Cheryl Hill went on to release 6 albums, film 2 music videos, and tour extensively between 1997 and 2008.  In 2009 Cheryl changed her name to Astrum Lux Lucis after doing a meditation.  She then formed conscious rock band One World (R)evolution and released the critically acclaimed album Transitions, followed up by a solo acoustic tour of the US in the fall of 2010.

After a 2 year hiatus from her music career, Astrum is back with her new incarnation of One World (R)evolution ready to rock the world full force.

2014 – One World (R)evolution – “I’m Changing” single
2013 – One World (R)evolution – “SXSW 2013 Demos” (self-release)
2013 – Aerosmith Tribute Album “Livin’ On The Edge” (Versaille Records) – contributed 1 track
2010 – One World (R)evolution – “Transitions” (self-release)
2008 – Cheryl Hill “Transitions” (self-release)
2007 – Cheryl Hill “Let Love In” EP (self-release)
2006 – Cheryl Hill “Can’t Take Anymore” EP (self-release)
2005 – Cheryl Hill “Change” EP (self-release)
2000 – Cheryl Hill “The Road Less Traveled” (self-release)
1997 – Cheryl Hill “Cheryl Hill” EP (self-release)
1995 – Miami Hybridized “I Used To Be” & “Reflection” (‘Cane Records) – contributed 2 tracks
1990 – Knightmare “Make U Mine” EP (self-release)
1989 – Knightmare “Neverending Night” EP (self-release)
1987 – Knightmare “Knightmare” EP (self-release)
1983 – Private Outrage “Private Outrage” EP (self-release)


Tony VSTbass guitar, backing vocals

Tony Vst

Tony Vst

Tony VST was born in Southern West Virginia to a coal miner’s daughter in 1976.  He began manipulating sound at age eight with a cheap K acoustic guitar, which had four strings most of the time.  His early recordings were done on a Sylvania boom box with a built-in mic.  By age twelve, he began utilizing a Yamaha keyboard with built-in mic for fun.  At age sixteen, he began learning the art of analog and digital recording and engineering, which allowed him to begin his work doing sessions for several area studios.

Tony VST strives to get a cleaner, clearer recording of the world around him.  He has always been fascinated with recording music and finding many ways to achieve excellent tone.  If you see him live, most likely he will be playing bass or electric guitar.  He prefers to produce/engineer and mix music.

Tony VST‘s first release 2009′s Dreams & nightmares is an instrumental collection of mood music following the Folklore of selling your soul to the Devil, and the 27 club.

Tony VST‘s second release 2010′s 333 is a follow up to the Dreams & nightmares story line.  The record is based upon the Egyptian underworld and the soul’s travel to this place where the dead go, but in this story things are a bit different cause the character sold his soul to the devil so now he has to pay the price.

2011 Brings a new chapter Tony has begun work on his 3rd solo CD to be out in 2012.  This record will be a departure from the normal as there will be vocals and layers and layers of sounds, also in the works is a CD with long time friend Amber Turill named God is blue as well as the release of the CD KacTi with long time friend and Disillusioned bassist Karl Vaughn.

Tony VST is:  Producer, Engineer, Sound designer/manipulator, mixing and mastering engineer.

Tony VST plays:  Bass, Guitar, Keyboard, Drums/programmer, Vox.

Tony VST’s affiliated projects:  Tony Vst, Libby Jones, Kacti, Pop TV Icons, Milk Plus, EGO, Mixed Nuts, Black Damp, Silence In Apathy, The Great Unwashed, God is Blue, and now One World (R)evolution.

Born in Charleston, WV; raised in Oak Hill, WV; resides in Bastrop, TX.

Kostamos Yiacoumis – drums

Kostamos Yiacoumis

Kostamos Yiacoumis

Kostamos Yiacoumis was born in August of 1984 in New Halkidona-Athens, Greece where he grew up and lived until recently when he moved to Austin, Texas to pursue his musical dreams.  At the age of 7 he began taking piano lessons.  He never finished his piano studies, but at the age of 15, having the fire of music burning strong inside him, decided to study drums.

He began his professional career as a drummer in 2005 and he’s collaborated with several musicians and many famous singers and bands such as Kostas Chronopoulos, Vox, Giannis Markopoulos, Manos Xidous, No Balance, Tereza , M51, KARMA, and The Secret.

In 2007 he began teaching drums at Chandrou Conservatory and he also gives private one-on-one lessons.

In September of 2010 he won 1st place in the “EUROVOICE” contest with The Secret and their song “In The Arms Of My Angel”.



2005 – Kostas Chronopoulos – “San mia photografia” – (UNIVERSAL)
2007 – Kostas Chronopoulos – “Den exw idea” – (EMI)
2008 – No Balance – ” When everybody’s gone ” – (Playfalse rec.)
2008 – Vox – “OI VOX TRAGOUDOUN GIANNI MARKOPOULO” – (Puzzle rec.)
2008 – Waterpipes – ” waterpipes” – (IMPACT )
2009 – Kostas Chronopoulos – “Kalinyxta Barney ” – (LEGEND)
2011 – BOUND AFFAIRS – ” Bound Affairs ” – (AEPI)
2011/2012 – The Secret – ” in the arms of my angel” – (FINAL TOUCH ) – Soon to be released.

Venues  Kostamos has played:

Stauros tou Notou, Arxitektoniki, Oxygono, Exedra, Mousiki Skini “Ston aera”, Stage 25, Onoma tou Rodou, Alavastron, Stigma Club, Ghost House, After Dark, Mad Club, Rodeo, Bo, Dekko, House of Art, Gagarin, Vertigo, Mylos, Ano-Kato, Athinon Arena, Theatro Vrahon, Theatro Petras etc.


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One World (R)evolution – Let Love In (This video was on LOGO TV’s Click List Countdown for several weeks in 2008)

One World (R)evolution – Goodbye (This is a fundraiser video for Dogs Deserve Better, sponsors of Astrum’s “Rock Out & Recycle Tour 2010″ – solo acoustic tour of the US). Share this video and get a FREE download of this song!

One World (R)evolution – I Will Always Love You – Astrum & Alicia’s Commitment Ceremony

One World (R)evolution’s Booking Promo Video for Talent Buyers & Booking Agents

One World (R)evolution performing at The Parish in Austin, Texas for Project Independent’s Living Loud Tour 2013

One World (R)evolution performing “Again” live in concert at the SpiderHouse Ballroom in Austin, Texas


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Business Inquiries:  (512) 850-6988

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2014 Tour Dates

  • April 19 – Happy Hour Concert Series @ Cherrywood Coffeehouse, 1401 E. 38 1/2 Street, Austin, TX.  5pm-7pm acoustic show concert.  All ages, free admission.
  • May 17 – Happy Hour Concert Series @ Cherrywood Coffeehouse, 1401 E. 38 1/2 Street, Austin, TX.  5pm-7pm acoustic show concert.  All ages, free admission.
  • May 24 – Rattlesnake Inn, Texas 195, Florence, TX.  9pm-12:45am.  Details TBA.
  • July 18 – Texas Players Club, 300 N Spur 63, Longview, TX 75601.  10pm-1:30am, 21+.


“…infectious…highly addictive…”

Cyrus Rhodes – Indie Music Digest

“…an enjoyable listening experience…”

Jimmy Rae – Skope

“…unusually brilliant…”

James McQuiston – NeuFutur Magazine

“…transformative vibes…”

Melissa Kucirek –

“…catchy, with solid hooks and vocal melodies to sing along to…”

Kevin Sellers – Music Emissions


New Single – I’m Changing – Available Now

Get Your Digital Copy of One World (R)evolution’s
Critically Acclaimed 2010 Album Release TRANSITIONS For Just $9.97!

Hear the album critics said was “unusually brilliant”,
contains “transformative vibes”, and is “infectious and highly addictive”….

1. Get Your Green On
2. Stop The Insanity
3. New World
4. Voice Is Calling
5. The Road Less Traveled
6. Why Can’t We Love Each Other
7. I Will Always Love You
8. Let Love In
9. Tranquility
10. Look Inside
11. Dare To Be Different
12. The Power Of Love
13. Change
14. Goodbye

Click Here To Download “Transitions” Now!

It’s always a dynamic, organic experience when singer/songwriters—after a period of creative transition—awaken their higher consciousness, lock in on the next level of their musical journey, and emerge with a vibe that transcends all that came before. Believing that one must first evolve before experiencing a true revolution of conscious awakening, Astrum Lux Lucis, the Austin, Texas based lead singer of One World (R)evolution, emerges from the indie shadows as “The Green Vegan Rawker” to release her band’s appropriately titled debut album Transitions.

Reflecting her commitment to a healthier lifestyle and the preservation of Mother Earth, Transitions includes remastered versions of songs she released as a solo artist, plus the explosive mission statement anthem “Get Your Green On.” The kickoff track is about greening up the planet by greening up your diet—conveying her belief that the most significant thing you can do to help the environment is to go vegan. Emotionally and spiritually, Astrum has experienced a deeper connection to The Universe and her Higher Self since becoming a vegan-fruitarian.

So click the order button below and get instant access to One World (R)evolution’s debut album from 2010, “TRANSITIONS”, and discover why so many critics raved about it’s “transformative vibes”.


You will receive a digital download of Transitions via email immediately after placing your order.




OWR Core Band Hi Rez

The magic created when three individual worlds unite is what makes great bands legends.  One World (R)evolution boasts of such status.  Molded out of years of sweat equity, combined with an unwavering passion for creating great music, and an unstoppable drive for success, the three creators of One World (R)evolution are here to make their mark on the world in no uncertain terms.

Astrum Lux Lucis (lead vocals/rhythm guitar) and Tony V.S.T. (bass guitar/backing vocals) united in March of 2010 to form the songwriting core of the band.  They united with drummer Kostamos Yiacoumis in March of 2013 and have been on a streamlined forward trajectory ever since.

Combining musical influences from the 70s through today, One World (R)evolution has developed a sound that is uniquely their own.  Tony and Kostamos hold down a strong solid rhythmic foundation similar to that of John Bonham and John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin.  Guest lead guitarist Mark Doroba’s melodic chording and lead style often bare resemblance to Brian May of Queen and Ritchie Blackmore of Deep Purple.  Astrum’s rhythmic guitar riffs are reminiscent of 80s power pop, and her strong and powerful  vocal stylings compare with vocal legends like Pat Benatar and Ann Wilson of Heart.

More than just another female fronted rock band, and more than just a typical rock band, the members of One World (R)evolution all feel they have a calling to make the world a better place.  And they plan to do that through their music.  You won’t find songs about co-dependent relationships or victim mentality trauma-drama; you will find songs about taking ownership of your choices and expanding your capacity for unconditional love.

One World (R)evolution purposely spells the band’s name with the “R” in parenthesis to show that “revolution” requires an “evolution” in conscious awakening.  In order for us to evolve as a species and as a world where everyone is one and the same as far as equality and mutual respect for the basic tenants of life – live and let live – then we must have a revolution in consciousness.  We must evolve.  We are the One World (R)evolution.  We are the future.  We are humans being.  Will you join us?

  • (C) 2014 One World (R)evolution

    All Rights Reserved.